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General purpose valves Gates Swing check gates (valves)

Swing check gates (valves) поворотные Л 44077-­400-12, ИА 44158­-300-04, ИА 44158­-400-04, ИА 44159 -300-02, ИА 44159-400-02
ТУ 26-07-1180-78

Producing plant: IFVP


The gates are made with weld ends and with counter flanges. The design of the gates allows tightness against the environment.


The Swing check gates (valves)  are designed for installation at pipelines to prevent return flow of the medium.


The gates shall be installed at horizontal pipelines with shackles facing upwards. On vertical pipelines the gates shall be installed with the body sealing surface facing upwards.

Flow direction is shown by an arrow on the body.



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NameTable figureAdd to requestNominal diameter, DN (mm)Nominal pressure, PN (MPa)Operating mediumOperating medium temp., СоMain parts materialFig. No.
Л 44077-400-12Add to cart19нж42нж24006,3Sulphite liquor on sodium, ammoniac, calcium, magnesium basis200Steel 08х18Н10Т1
-13Add to cart19нж42нж34
-14Add to cart19нж43нж4,04
-15Add to cart19нж44нж2,52
-16Add to cart19нж45нж1,62
-17Add to cart19нж42нж16,3Sulphite liquor (mixture of white and black liquors). Steam, circulation water and liquor. Cellulosic pulp with the concentration from 0.8 to 5 %Steel 10х17Н13М3Т1
-18Add to cart19нж42нж54
-19Add to cart19нж43нж14,04
-20Add to cart19нж44нж2,52
-21Add to cart19нж45нж11,62
ИА 44158-300-04Add to cart19лс71нж30016,0Natural gas, natural gas productsот -60 до +200Steel 09Г2С3
-05Add to cart19лс71нж14
-06Add to cart19с71нжот -40 до +200Steel 203
-07Add to cart19с71нж14
ИА 44158-400-04Add to cart19лс71нж400от -60 до +200Steel 09Г2С3
-05Add to cart19лс71нж14
-06Add to cart19с71нжот -40 до +200Steel 203
-07Add to cart19с71нж14
ИА 44159-300-02Add to cart19нж72нж30010,0Oil, gas, stratal water with H2O and CO2 content up to 45 % by volumeSteel 10х17Н13М3Т3
-03Add to cart19нж72нж14
ИА 44159-400-02Add to cart19нж72нж4003
-03Add to cart19нж72нж14

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