Development, production, supply
of pipeline valves
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The main goal of the management and staff of the enterprise is manufacturing high-quality, competitive, safe and profit-making products. Achievement of the goal is provided due to quality control system functioning at the enterprise. The system is based on the following principles:

  • General responsibility of management for the quality of products;
  • Use of leading-edge technology implying quality control on all stages of products manufacturing, control and testing;
  • Application of a range of remedial and preventive measures in order to identify, analyze and eliminate potential reasons of inconformity;
  • Letting the consumer check the enterprise’s capability of providing the necessary quality level.

All Inteco enterprises taking part in the international programs have extensive experience in the field, confirmed with all the necessary permits, as well as international European certificates attesting quality assurance systems of the manufacturing enterprises.

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Dnipropetrovsk city, 49027, Ukraine
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Pobeda Av., 53,
Kyiv city, 03680, Ukraine
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