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Power valves

Special valves: V65, Z25, M22, G30

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Standard designation

Valve description






Three-way shut-off valve



electric actuator



Check valve with closure capability



flywheel, electric actuator


Pressure lock



automatic unit



Multistage control valve

25/50 40/80 65/125 100/100


flywheel, electric actuator


V65, Z25
– Shut-off valve (V65), check valve with closure capability (Z25), designed for automation of power-generating unit operation, mainly at fault of high pressure heater piping and at level exceeding tolerance.

М22 – Valves designed for operation with water and steam. These are used mainly at thermal power plant equipment. Depending on integrated inner structure these are suitable for chemical cleaning, pressure testing and equipment operation in particular boiler systems.

G30 - Multistage control valve with linear characteristic designed for the use with water, steam, gas and other working media. Valve characteristics allow to reduce fluid pressure within the range of 5.1 to 20 MPa; and to lower expansion ratio for steam and gas within the range of 0.7 to 0.2.


Three-way shut-off valve V65
Body is made of free forging with welded tubes; cast yoke. Seat at outlet to high pressure heater (bottom seat) is press-fitted into body and welded with sealing seam. Seat of bypass tube (top seat) is featured with holes and packing ring made of single profile. Seat and slide valve sealing faces are hard-faced. Spindle gland and self-sealing cap packing ring are made of asbestos-free material. Control is by electric actuator.

Check valve with closure capability Z25
Body is made of free forging with welded tubes; steel welded yoke. Body and slide valve sealing surfaces are built-up with stainless electrode. Spindle gland and self-sealing cap packing ring are made of asbestos-free material. Automatic control; capable to be sealed with the use of flywheel or electric actuator.

Pressure locks М22
Body is pressed-out or made of free forging; flanged or with self-sealing cap. With packing ring made of asbestos-free material. Internal pressure lock structure is as follows:

For chemical cleaning and steam treatment:
Sealing and pressure plates, sealing element JERIT and tie bolt for measured pressure setting-up. Cap is featured with bypass hole for chemical cleaning.

For operation:
Insert and two pivoted bolts with nuts and washers. Pressure locks function without control. These are supplied according to special technical requirements for two pressure levels, with flanged cap for middle pressure and with self-sealing cap for high pressure.

Multistage control valves G30.
Body is made of free forging; cast yoke, body-to-yoke joint is by two bushings. Body seat and throttle surfaces of flashboxes are hard-faced. Slide valve and spindle are made of single profile of file-hard chromium steel with several wedge-shaped grooves forming independent throttle system. Gland is made of asbestos-free material. Control is by flywheel (DN25/50) or by straight electric actuator (DN40/80 and further).

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